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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Evening Routine

Every night, usually right before bed (occasionally earlier if I'm in a hurry for my PJ's =)) this is the routine that I use. Over the last 3 years it's morphed quite a bit, and in an effort to simply my life this is what I have been using.

1) Take evening medications, and set water bottle by the bed.
2) Feed Uzi her PM food (wet), and refill her water.
3) Brush teeth, also using mouthwash and flossing.
4) Take a shower, alternating shaving every other day.
5) Get into PJ's, and complete the PM skin care regimen.
6) Charge cell phone and set alarm for the morning.
7) A little bit of TV and then some rest =)

As you can see it's very basic, but it works for me! I used to have a much longer list, but on hard days, just looking at it would overwhelm me.

Feel free to share yours! Either comment, or blog about it in your own blog and shoot me a link!

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