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Thursday, August 12, 2010

E-visit the House of Dreams No-Kill Kitty Shelter

I've been doing volunteer work at the House of Dreams for 4 years, and we recently moved the shelter to a brand new (nicer) location. So come find out more about the House of Dreams and take a look at some of the kitties!

NOTE: The shelter is no kill, meaning no kitty gets euthanized to make room for other cats. It is also a free-roam shelter, meaning the cats are allowed to move about the house as they please, but some kitties (mostly newcomers) are caged, and we have some kitties who are caged at night too due to diet restrictions. The next awesome thing about this shelter is that they don't discriminate against cats with special conditions. The only kind of felines they can't take are FIV+ (Feline HIV) kitties and that's simply because there is not enough room, and because we are the only shelter in the area who house FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia Virus) and give them a place to go instead of being put down. More about Feline Leukemia Virus in future posts. Stay tuned!

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